Palm County Rows

Designed as an exclusive abode for those who have risen to the ranks of leaders in their industry and desire a living space as exclusive as their status.

Located at Manikonda, just a few minutes from Gachibowli, Palm County Rows is the Row-House section of the Palm County project.

The project also features a club-house with fully equipped Gym, Lawn-tennis court and other amenities.

Land Area:5.5 Acres (for entire Palm County project)
Built-up Area:Approx. 200,000 Sq. Ft. (for entire Palm County project)
Units:8 Row Houses built on 240 Sq. Yd. plot each, featuring 3500 Sq. Ft. built-up area containing 4 bedrooms and servant's quarter.
Open Space:Approx. 45% land-area reserved for used in open-spaces, roads and common areas. (for entire Palm County project)
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Floor Plans:

Plan TypeArea Statement (Sq. Ft.)Floor Plans
Plot 1 to 6 (243.11 Sq. Yd.)Total: 3570
Ground Floor: 1610
First Floor: 1620
Second Floor/Headroom: 425
Plot 7 (227 Sq. Yd.)Total: 3340
Ground Floor: 1485
First Floor: 1620
Second Floor/Headroom: 490
Plot 8 (284 Sq. Yd.)Total: 3621
Ground Floor: 1735
First Floor: 1695
Second Floor/Headroom: 242

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