About Us

KonceptAmbience – Pioneering Gated Communities in India.

Incorporated in the year 1984, KonceptAmbience is an independent developer of exclusive premium homes, integrated lifestyle communities and classic & contemporary work spaces, with an eco and environment-priority work and design ethic.

KonceptAmbience’s mission is “To Create an Eco-conscious Community”. We do this by creating a perfect potpourri of nature and life, where eco-chic meets global living.

KonceptAmbience is empowered with a skilled and talented management team with years of experience in quality infrastructure creation, be it Residential, Commercial, Retail or Hospitality; with client satisfaction as the only objective.

KonceptAmbience processes are firmly grounded in concept of quality which is based on being:

  • Acceptable
  • Affordable
  • Accountable
  • Appreciable

KonceptAmbience business processes were certified to be ISO 9001 compliant in the year 2001.

In close to three decades of operations, we have take building and construction beyond their normal connotation and ushered in the era of elite townships, where influences from around the world make their presence felt.

  • Swapnalok Complex, a commercial complex by KonceptAmbience won the prestigious National Design Award in the year 1989.
  • KonceptAmbience is well established as a developer of premium gated communities in Hyderabad and often credited with ushering in the era of gated communities in India with their flagship project – Whisper Valley@Hyderabad.
  • KonceptAmbience is one of the first companies in India to initiate FDI projects. It is also a member of All India Housing Development Corporation (New Delhi).
  • With various masterworks spread out, KonceptAmbience is the most trusted real-estate brand in the twin cities of Hyderabad – Secunderabad (Andhra Pradesh, India).

KonceptAmbience has constantly achieved what it embarked upon to achieve: building places where people live and work with pride.

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